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Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before accessing, using or obtaining any materials, information, products or services. By accessing the Pass website, mobile or tablet application, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.

Pass software definition:

PASS is an electronic application and comprehensive system for administration of entry and exit of individuals with their vehicles from paid parking lots which utilize the PASS systems. It facilitates to enter the parking lot without using a parking ticket and it also facilitates the payment system which uses the PASS wallet in which an amount is prepaid via K-net transfer.

The PASS camera installed at the entrance and the exit of the parking lot recognizes the car license plate number and grants entry/exit. If your car license plate number is not registered in the PASS Application or if you do have sufficient balance in your PASS wallet, you can continue with the traditional method of taking a parking ticket at the entrance and paying in cash or coins at the exit. Upon exiting the parking premises, the PASS cameras will verify the registered cars and deduct the parking fees as per the duration of the usage. The deduction will take place from the PASS wallet in the Application. Incase you are using paper tickets; you will be required to pay the treasury employee at the exit of the parking premises.

1) Registration:

Once you download the application from the apple or android store and accept the terms and conditions, you can register in the PASS system by filling out the user application form. You will be asked to fill out an email, password, mobile number, date of birth, gender and car license plate number. These details will be used in the users’ account and to connect his wallet which is verified by the application.

2) Payment

After registering the car plate number in the PASS Application, the user shall top-up his PASS account. This takes place by opening the application, selecting the amount to be topped-up, and processing the payment by K-net where the user will be directed to the payment gateway page where he will add his bank account details. After the process is successfully completed, the amount chosen by the user will be deducted from his bank account and deposited in his PASS wallet. This amount will be used to pay for his parking in the PASS locations.

3) Usage:

After the payment procedure is completed, the customer can now use the application. A minimum balance of 250 fils is required in the PASS account to enter any PASS parking facility. Upon entering the parking lot, the PASS at the entrance gate will recognize the license plate number and grant entry. At the exit, the duration of being in the parking lot is calculated and the due amount is deducted from the users’ PASS wallet. In case there is not sufficient balance in the PASS wallet for the duration the car was parked in the parking lot, the user will be on a deficit. Once the user top-ups his PASS account again, the deficit amount will be immediately debited. Upon using the PASS system to enter a parking facility, the user is not allowed to make any cash payment at the exit.

4) Price:

The price of using the parking lot is calculated by the mall management itself and there are no additional charges involved in the parking cost by PASS. However, PASS takes a nominal commission which is paid per PASS transaction in addition to the parking charges. The total price which is the parking charges + the commission is calculated and deducted from the customers’ PASS account in the application.

5) Commission of using Pass system:

A fixed commission of 50 fils is calculated for each PASS transaction i.e., the entrance and exit of a car using number plate recognition which is verified in the PASS system under the PASS customer. The value deducted is the amount due for the duration the car is parked in the parking facility as per the prices fixed by the parking management + a fixed commission of 50 fils.

6) Messages and warnings:

– An email will be sent to the customer after each process of crediting the PASS account by K-Net. The email
will contain details of the added balance value and time of crediting.

– A notification shall be sent to the customer after each process of entrance and exit from the parking facility.

– PASS system will work only when the parking lots are contracted with PASS to apply the complete solution

– The customer agrees for the company to collect and use the technical data and related information
provided. The data collected will facilitate the process of providing updates for the program and its support
related to the system and other information. It will be used in preparing common reports and statistics.
Please note that personal information will remain confidential.

– This agreement is subject to applicable laws in state of Kuwait and countries using PASS system.

– Agreement termination: This agreement is effective until it has been terminated by you or the license owning

– The customer admits & agrees that PASS system will work for only those cars whose data is filled upon
registering at the system and no other car is allowed unless registered.

– The system owning entity shall not by any means endure responsibility for any damages to the car at the
parking lots using PASS system or any indemnifications for the same.

– If the customers’ balance is empty, he shall not be allowed to enter or exit the parking facility using the PASS
system. In this case, the customer will use the traditional method of parking i.e., paper tickets and paying in

– Your usage for PASS system is subject to privacy policy of PASS system (as to personal information only) and
no entity whatsoever shall read thereof unless upon a permit from competent judicial authorities.

When you use the pre-booking service, you agree to the below terms and conditions as per below.

1- The pre-booking service fee is 0.500 fils (five hundred fils) per hour or a part of an hour.

2- Your PASS wallet should not have less than KWD 1 to authorize this service.

3- In case you have more than 1 car registered in the PASS App, the customer must select the car which needs to be booked while pre-booking.

4- The customer will be charged from the time he pre-books until he exits the parking lot.

5- The customer remains committed to the parking assigned by the Pass application, unless the booking is cancelled.

6- If the customer reserves a parking spot but fails to use the service, the amount will be deducted for the
parking reservation made until the cancellation of the booking.

7- In the event that the gate does not open due to any malfunction in the camera or the car number plate, the customer will be provided with a barcode that he can use at the entrance to allow the barrier to open. For security reasons, avoid sharing your barcode details with anyone else as it is meant for personal use.

8- When the client exits the parking, the car plate will be recognized by the camera, calculating the time used
and deducting the amount from the Pass wallet.

9- In case the amount of service exceeds the amount in the client’s wallet, the existing amount in his wallet will
be deducted and the customer will be allowed to exit the parking premises. The balance amount will be
deducted from the customer once he tops-up the account. Incase the top-up is not done by the customer
soon enough, PASS company reserves the right to claim as per the Kuwait Law and resort to the court, if

10- If there is a car collision/accident which takes place, the customer is fully responsible for the consequences that may follow. It is the duty of the customer to inform the PASS contact center or inform any of the security guards present about the accident.

11- All the terms and conditions of the application apply to the users of this service, in addition to the terms
and conditions of the application.

12- The customer cannot keep the car in the parking premises overnight. In case it happens, the customer may have to face legal action. If there is a malfunction in the car, the customer has to act immediately on it and not leave the car in the parking lot.

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